about 7 years ago

Announcing the winners

So, the votes are in and Skynet didn't destroy the world yet. That's a net positive for everybody, right? Go to the winners gallery to see who won!

Winners - we'll reach out you soon about claiming your prize.

about 7 years ago

# 4 days left!!

Hey jammers,

The deadline is coming on up on July 27 @ 5pm ET, are you ready??

If you need some ideas or a pep talk, Tweet or email us and Richard and I will do everything we can to help, (other than write your code).

about 7 years ago

Deadline extended to July 27

Hey jammers, we hope you're having fun with your IoT projects. We've already seen some great ideas & smartplug pics on Twitter. That's why we're extending the hackathon deadline to July 27 @ 5pm ET. We hope the extra week helps you build something super extra awesome!

about 7 years ago

Quick Start

Heyo, Thanks for joining our IoT Hackathon. A few important / useful thingamajigs:

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